Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No longer Amish

We can now say that we've survived Hurricane Irene, because as of 5:30am this morning, we have power!  Yay!  Even though it was a pain in the butt to not have power and we ended up pitching most of what was in our fridge, life wasn't too horrible.  James goes to bed before the sun goes down anyway and after that we just listened to music on my laptop and hung out.  It was actually nice to have some adult time where we weren't online or watching television.  We go to bed fairly early anyway, as we are freakishly early risers, and had no problems with our hot water.  We have a gas hot water heater, which I'm told still uses electricity, but either way, we had hot showers.  They might have been hot showers by flash light, but luckily I am not the kind of woman that needs to blow dry, flat iron, and otherwise mess with my hair.  You can chalk that up to sheer laziness, but in times like this it was nice to not look totally gross (just my usual level of gross).
So we are rolling on with our usual schedules and hectic life.  Nothing too exciting on the horizons for us, James has his 15 month check up next month and football season is upon us.  Adam's dad has season tickets for the Ravens, so we lose Adam's company every other weekend when they play at home.  The Maryland Wine Festival (aka Girl Time with Jackie and Sarah) is also September 17 and 18, which I am definitely looking forward to.  Other than that, we are still on the look out for James to take his first steps!


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