Friday, September 2, 2011

Coping with the new baby

James has been learning to deal with the new baby at daycare this week.  From what Rhonda has said, the transition hasn’t been too bad.  On the first day Baby Landon was with the bunch, James and Kippy (who is 12 months other than James) both cried when he got his first bottle of the day.  But they eventually remembered that they don’t get bottles anymore (or forgot about it entirely, which is probably more likely).  But that was about all I had heard about the new baby until today.  When I arrived to pick James up, Landon was still there. 
I hadn’t seen the little guy yet, and I have to admit, he wasn’t very cute.  This proves what we pretty much already knew, my kid is the most adorable thing alive.  Okay, that’s not what it really proves, since I might be biased.  Well Landon was a little cute, but it might have been his Steelers onesie that was throwing me off.  Anyway, Landon was there lounging in his swing and sucking on his pacifier like nobody’s business.  Rhonda told me that James loves to stand or sit around the baby and really likes him, but he has a new hobby…  stealing the binkie out of the baby’s mouth.  I thought this was pretty hilarious, mainly because James never took a pacifier AND when he steals it, he doesn’t put it in his own mouth. 
 I am also going to take this time to mention that I am hugely antibinkie after about 6 months.  Yes, babies like to suck and the sensation soothes them.  But at a certain point, the binkie needs to go.  So I probably sound all judgey, but they increase babies’ chances of getting ear infections and between Adam and I, we don’t need to have James any more predisposed to ear infections than he already is.  Also, it annoys the bejesus out of me when parents won’t just cut the cord and end up leaving their kid with a binkie until they’re like 3.  So with James we were lucky, he didn’t really like the binkie and even when I wish he would have taken it, he didn’t.  But I digress on the whole binkie situation…  I am just glad that James is adjusting to not being the baby and I am attempting to not give in to the horrible illness known as baby fever.

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  1. James is stealing because like his auntie he knows binkies are the DEVIL!