Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shopping update...

Well, I got everything on my list, except the pedicure.  So I will call it close enough for now!  I even picked up a couple of things for myself, which I don't really do a lot these days.  There isn't much I really need and baby clothes are so much cuter (and smaller) than mine. 
I did buy a second swim suit yesterday.  I got one a few months ago from Lands End and paid far more than I ever imagined I would for a swim suit, but its a great quality and since I don't swim often, I am sure I will use it for years to come.  But I thought since we're headed out to a LAKE for vacation and the rental home has a hot tub, I should get a second one (ok, a second one that doesn't show my crazy, stretch marked, "mommy" tummy).  So I looked at the clearance rack at Old Navy.  I found a tankini, in my size (XL on bottom, L on top), that was pretty cute and chocolate brown.  When I tried it on, I actually felt good, like my kickboxing classes have been helping.  Its rare that I try on a swim suit and feel good in it.  Then I noticed that it wasn't marked, but since it was on the clearance rack I figured that they could ring it up and if it was crazy expensive, I'd just tell them no thank you.  I get to the check out and and James' hat, sun glasses, and jammies are all on sale, Adam's shorts and swim trunks are also on sale, so I was pretty happy.  The bottom of my swim suit rings up for $3.99!  What a score!  The top wasn't on sale for some reason, so it was $24.94, still not bad for the set.  But I asked the girl, "Oh, is the top not on sale?" and she gave me kind of a funny look, and said "No, just the bottom."  So I figured the funny look was for me even asking about the sale items.  But I figure, whatever, not a big deal if she wants to give me a funny face.  I pay for my stuff, go get James' crocs, maybe stop and buy myself some shoes....  (they were 30% off!) and head home. 
I get home and decide to try the suit on again.  And then I realized why the check out girl was giving me funny looks.  ITS a MATERNITY swim suit!  I might be a little chubs, but I'm definitely not pregnant looking.  And no wonder it made me look skinny, its designed for someone carrying a watermelon under their shirt...  Adam says it doesn't really look like a maternity suit, so I decided to keep it.  I'll post pictures from vacation and you can let me know what you think.


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