Friday, February 12, 2016


Last night I slept 8 non consecutive hours, 4 in bed and 4 in the recliner. I'm calling this a win. 
Yesterday, at 36 weeks, baby measured an estimated 8 lbs, 6 oz. he could gain up to 2 more pounds in the next 3 weeks. We have a scheduled C-section on March 3, so my high risk OB seemed to thoroughly enjoy my horror, in a way that almost reminded me of my father. I'm not sure why the baby being so big seemed to terrify me, I guess it makes me think I haven't been doing a good job with my blood sugar. But it really hasn't been bad, so we'll blame genetics, Adam was mere ounces shy of 10 pounds at birth. 
I took a personal day today and am planning on resting most of the day, I am in great need.