Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We should go on vacation more often...

Vacation has been very relaxing and fun so far.  On Sunday we drove to Deep Creek and set up our house.  Adam, James and I have the basement floor of a large, 3 level house near Wisp Ski Resort.  Adam's parents are on the main floor, and Michelle is upstairs.  On Monday, Jackie came from West Virginia to visit with us.  We had some hot tub time and took James to the Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center.  He was relatively unimpressed.  Later, after Jackie went home, we went to dinner at the Santa Fe Grille.  Its in the building that used to house the Deep Creek Brewing Company, making me long for one of their micro brews, but the food was still very good.  Today we attempted to let the dogs swim in the lake (don't even ask my why my poor Sheltie needs to swim, but apparently that's important),  Now James is napping, Adam is kayaking, and I am figuring out the rest of the day.  I love vacation!


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