Friday, August 19, 2011

James' Deep Creek Dunk

Ready for the beach
I started to title this post "The First Swim", but really, this post isn't about James' first swim.  He had a little taste of the water back in July when he went swimming with Jackie.  But he was grumpy, and teething, and not really sure what was going on that day.  So we weren't really sure what James would do when we took him swimming in Deep Creek Lake on Tuesday. 
Overall, James was pretty underwhelmed with swimming.  He didn't take to it right away (I've always been told stories about my immediate love for the water), but it was fairly chilly for swimming on Tuesday.  In the mid-80's and a fairly windy, it definitely wasn't ideal weather.  But we took a quick dip and James screamed with each dunk into the lake.  He could cling on me, then we he'd decided that I was the mean parent, he'd reach for Adam.  When he realized we were both the mean parent, he was cold and turned on the drama, chattering his teeth as though it was below freezing. 
Such a tired boy
On Wednesday, we gave the lake another go.  James had more fun on his second swimming adventure, actually smiling and squealing when we'd lift him all the way up in the air and then lower him into the water.  I'm not sure that James has a future in the Summer Olympics, but I think next summer he will have more fun in the water.


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