Friday, August 5, 2011

Eye doctor update

This morning was James' appointment with the eye doctor.  Adam was going to take him since I did last year, but then he ended up having a meeting.  So it was mom to the rescue.  I have to say, the visit wasn't that bad at all.  James was a perfect patient and handled the lights, eye drops, and both doctors wonderfully.
In the waiting room
First we checked in, waited for a few minutes, and then went back to get his drops.  Dr. Choi (who we also met with last year) took a quick look at his file, peeked in his eyes, and put the drops in.  The drops take 30 minutes to work, so we went back to the waiting room, had a quick bathroom trip for a fresh diaper, and played with some toys.  James sat next to me for most of the time, then played on the floor for a bit.  After about 40 minutes we got called into the next waiting room, and about 10 minutes after that we were seen by the doctor. 
Dr. Andorsky, who was new to us, was very nice and pretty funny.  He did a pretty quick exam, shining lights in James eyes and using various lenses.  The verdict?  James is a little bit near-sighted (not shocking considering how blind I am) with a slight astigmatism.  There is no need for glasses at this point, but the doctor said it was more of a "not yet" rather than a "no" on the glasses.  The blood vessels and back of his eyes were perfect, with no need for concern.  We go back in a year, but mainly to check the near-sightedness, not the blood vessels, etc. that were a concern due to James having oxygen after birth. 
After his appointment, James and I swung by his Grandma's office to say hello to her and her coworkers.  James wasn't sure why he had to go see all these people, but he was well behaved and ate a little snack in Grandma's office.  We only stayed a little while, then it was off to daycare and work for the two of us!


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