Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sleep Study Results

I went in this morning for a follow up with the ENT regarding my sleep study and issues with my tonsils.  According to the study results, I don't have sleep apnea (which I figured would be the case) and I snore "more than normal" (which I also figured.)  The ENT did a scope of my nose to check for any obstructions that would be making my snoring worse and also to check that my adenoids, which were removed 15 years ago, had not grown back in.  If you've never had your nose scoped, I don't suggest it.  In order to numb your nose, a spray gun full of "banana" flavored lidocaine is shot into it.  This stuff has got to be a most foul tasting liquid on the planet, with the exception of that barium stuff they give you before a butt scope (AKA flexible sigmoidoscopy).  Yep, I've had one of those too, but that's another entry....  Anyway, I got to see the scar tissue from my original surgery, where my deviated septum was fixed, nasal linings were trimmed, and adenoids were removed.  After I scan it, I will post the picture of my empty adenoidal cavity. 
Sidebar - I love when celebrities say that they didn't have a nose job (rhinoplasty), they had their deviated septum corrected (septoplasty), yet their noses look totally different.  My deviated septum correction didn't change my outward appearance at all (thank goodness, you really can't mess with perfection.  ha!)
So long story short (well, sort of, since I'm going on and on...) my adenoids haven't grown back in and my nose is fine.  The ENT didn't have strong feelings one way or another on taking out my tonsils, stating that I am "clearly a candidate" (Really, that's all you've got for me?  The medical profession drives me crazy sometimes, just tell me what to do.  I'll do it.  I'm easy, I don't argue.)  He did suggest that if I do get them out, that they microwave my soft palate.  Microwaving a straight line on the soft palate causes scar tissue to form upon healing, making it more firm and less jiggly.  This makes your snores quieter.  So I am going to be weighing the pros and cons, discussing with Adam, and trying to come to a decision on surgery sometime in the coming weeks. 
The best news of all - he didn't charge me a copay for the follow up!  Call me cheap, but $25 a pop adds up quickly.


  1. Are you deleting my posts? I posted a comment earlier and it's not here! =(

  2. No, I haven't deleted any! I am really excited when I get comments, so I wouldn't do that. Especially since I heart the Lasher Family. What'd you say?