Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to the ol' grind

After our vacation, we are back to work.  Well, James and I are back, Adam has to get FIVE (count 'em) cavities filled today so he isn't back to work yet.  But I have to say that I am looking forward to getting back to our regular schedule.  This morning wasn't so bad, I woke up at 4:45 a.m. to walk the dog, but got to nap on the couch a bit, since James slept until almost 7 a.m.  He didn't go to bed very easily last night, so I'm sure he was making up for the sleep he was missing.  When we walked up to Rhonda's door, James saw Crackers, the 11 year old beagle and he was so excited.  He started to say "Da" over and over, so I'm wondering if that means Rhon-DA.  Lately, it seems like James has been calling Adam a hybrid of Dada and Adam - sort of an "Adaaaaa" kind of noise.  Who knows what goes on in that little guy's head, but I was glad he was so happy to go back to daycare.  It takes so much stress off of me to know that he likes going everyday, loves all the kids, and loves Rhonda.  Rhonda once joked with me that parents have a hard time letting their babies go to daycare, until they hit about 15 months.  Then the parents drop them off and run.  I wasn't really running out the door this morning, but I understand what she means.  Toddlers are demanding and I know that James isn't even that bad.  James has one more week of being the baby though, on August 29th a 3 month old starts and I'm hoping its an easy transition.


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