Monday, August 29, 2011

An evening with Irene

Well the storm of the century has come and gone and left us with no power!  Irene rolled through Saturday night and finally died down around 7am on Sunday morning.  Sometime around 1am on Sunday we lost power.  And it hasn't been on since.  It really hasn't been that bad, the weather is cool so we opened up our windows and let the breeze in.  We also went to Sam's club and bought a bunch of ice for our cooler.  The food from the fridge has been nice and cold in the cooler and life goes on!  Yesterday, we headed out to Arundel Mills Mall (with the rest of Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties, it seemed) and had dinner with Adam's mom at Chevy's Fresh Mex.  James went to bed at his usual time and Adam and I hung out in the candlelit and listened to music on my laptop until it died.  Today, I am at work, James is at daycare (although their power is out too), and Adam is going to the dentist in a little while.  Obviously, since I am writing this, there is power at work and I am charging all of our electronics in preparation for another dark evening.  The State of Maryland has liberal leave today, but I'd rather be here in the lights than at home in the dark.  My building is pretty empty, so we'll see who ends up here throughout the day.


  1. Take advantage of the day and relax!!! =)

  2. You can always come and stay with us! Not convenient but an offer :)