Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Makeup Artist

In the mornings when I get ready for work, James likes to be my "helper."  Usually this means holding my blush brush while I put on my other (minimal) makeup.  I have a 5 minute routine, foundation, eye liner, mascara, and blush.  This morning James was very keen on being my "very good little helper" because he had several time outs yesterday and he was looking to atone.  He's very funny about being super helpful after he's had a bad day, so the good news is that I'm not raising a total sociopath.
Anyway, this morning he was holding my blush, the brush, a mirror and a tube of mascara, demonstrating that he was so helpful that he could hold 4 items at once.  I was putting on foundation with a makeup sponge when he asked what I was holding.  I told him a makeup sponge.  Then he asked, "Does that put black stuff on your face?"
I said, "No James, nothing on my face is black."  I'm pretty pale, so I always use a shade of foundation called Ivory.  Or Light Ivory, depending on the brand.
James quickly pointed to my large, under eye circles and said, "There momma, its black under there."
I quickly said, "No James, momma is just very tired, but thanks for noticing."
He laughed and laughed.  At least I'm still funny, even if I'm tired.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Swim Lessons

Last summer, James took his first swim lessons at our local YMCA and he loved them. He learned some basics, but his instructor, the beloved Billy, recommended that he redo the same level class the next time we signed up.
Over the fall, James played soccer and had fun doing that as well. We are making an effort to get him out and meeting new kids before kindergarten starts. We also want him to be active, to burn off some of his never ending energy. 
While James was in his swim lessons, it was all we could do to keep Logan out of the water, so starting next week, both boys are signed up for swimming! James is redoing his class hoping to get his legs behind him and kicking more.  Logan will be doing a parent-child class to get used to the pool. After our time after beach, I know Logan will love being in the water.  
Unfortunately, our first class was cancelled this morning due to an emergency with the pool. James was pretty disappointed and we had to explain that we don't always get what we want and have to be flexible. The same conversation was had when a soccer game was rained out in October. But such is life, a hard lesson for most people to learn, especially when you're four.
James, at the pool over the summer