Sunday, August 21, 2011

Toys I hate

I'm not sure if its a part of the design process, but children's toys are really annoying.  Seriously, do the toy designers think. "What would make parents the most crazy?" when they make toys.  Now, I can't complain too badly, James is in daycare and Rhonda gets to hear the most annoying toys for the longest amount of time.  But really, even 2 to 3 hours a day of some of them is too much.  The number one offender: the Lightning McQueen Activity Car.  James loves this thing.  He can push it, ride on it, or just hit the buttons over and over again.  Lets be honest, he does the latter more than the first two put together.  Lightning McQueen is arrogant, he's cocky, he drives me nuts!  Over and over again I hear "I'm a preeminent world racecar!!" and "Ka-Chow!"  But really, since James loves him so much, I will grin and bear it!  This is just a first installment, there are plenty more toys I hate.


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