Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Birthday Party

James had an awesome third birthday party.  We went to a local pumpkin patch/petting zoo/farm, that we have been to several times and knew James would enjoy.  More than that, it prevented me from needing to clean my house and then have it destroyed by 10 children.  We invited all the daycare kids and our friends that have kids (which isn't actually that many friends).  James was full throttle, all out enjoying himself from start to finish of the party and I was so glad he had fun.  Here are some pictures from the party, taken by a friend's husband.
I had fun editing this one.

James and a goat

His cheek has a bat on it

Feeding a baby goat

All smiles from this kid

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have not been motivated to do much blog writing lately.  Actually, other than things that are 100% necessary, I haven't been motivated at all lately.  Chalk it up to another family bout with illness, or a lot going on at work, or life in general, I have just not been feeling it lately.
I was away from home on Logan's 6 month half birthday, so I forgot completely to update his milestones.  He is meeting all of them and had a great check up with the pediatrician today.  James also had his 3 year check up this morning and is a thriving, healthy little boy.
One of these days, I will hop back on the blog writing train, but for now I'm going to work on my motivation in other areas (like maybe getting to the gym...)

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

3 years old

Three years ago, I became a mom.  It was a surprise, not the becoming a mom part, but the timing of it all.  It was a whirlwind the first few days and I spent most of it in a foggy haze of Magnesium sulfate.  Occasionally, I feel so frustrated at my lack of involvement during the first few days, but I know that I had to take care of myself before I could take care of James.  He was lucky to have a dad like Adam, who stepped in and took such good care of us both those first days.  You never really know how you're going to be as a parent or how your spouse is going to be until you're in the middle of it.  Adam surpassed any expectation I might have had during those first days and has continued to do so throughout the last three years.  I've been so lucky to have him as my partner and really can't imagine a better dad for our boys.
Here are some pictures of James through the years.  I wanted to use his official birthday portraits, but then I realized that when we took him for his two year pictures, he lost his mind and wouldn't stop crying.  Love toddlers!
Ten days old

One year old

Two years old

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brotherly Love

James loves his baby brother and its quite obvious that Logan is just as enraptured with James.  While James is pretty hands off with Logan, he does help buckle his car seat, get diapers, and make bottles ("Two scoops, Mom!").  Before bed, James gives baby a hug and kiss and says good night.  He makes sure to be quiet if Logan is falling asleep and likes to whisper, "Good night, Baby Logan".  When he's awake, Logan smiles at James nonstop, reaches for him, and occasionally tries to grab whatever extremity might be available.  James always says that Logan is trying to tickle him.
This morning, I was making my coffee while the boys were in the living room.  Logan was rolling around on the floor when I left, but when I got back James was with him.  They were laying on their tummies, facing each other.  As I walked in the room, I notice that James had grabbed Logan's hand.  He looked up at me and said, "Mom, we're holding hands!"  James was so excited about it and Logan had a huge grin.  I know there will be jealousies, problems with sharing, and fights, but I really love seeing my boys so happy together.  It  also helps that if James is in the room, Logan is probably not screaming for me and I can make my coffee a little bit more quickly!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The prophecy

Potty training plugs along at our house.  We ignored all of it for a few weeks, hoping James would be more receptive than our previous attempts.  Out of nowhere, James requested McQueen Pullups.  He has seen some of the older boys with them at daycare and he just had to have them.  They're thinner than diapers (and leak more...) but James can put them on by himself.  He's been more interested in using the potty and has had some success, although he still won't ask to use it himself.  He also rarely admits that he has to go, even if you ask every 30 minutes or so.  But he's interested and we are getting there, slowly but surely.
Rhonda, patron saint of screaming babies, runny noses, and all things child oriented thinks he'll be done by the end of the summer.  That's the prophecy, let's hope it comes true!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Time Flies

The last few weeks have really flown by, mainly because we've been so busy every single weekend!  By the time the weekends are done, we're onto another week and I barely have time to think, let alone write a blog post.
Over the last month or so we've gone to a birthday party, Orioles game, Mother's Day at Grandma Dee Dee's house, graduation party, graduation ceremony, and memorial service.  We still have James' birthday, our anniversary, and Father's Day to get through.  Then it seems we're right into July and the 4th!  It really is amazing how fast things are moving.
Over Memorial Day weekend, James got sick, which lead to Adam and I getting sick.  That took us all a few days to get over, luckily Logan managed to avoid the stomach bug.  The poor baby did have his first ear infection, there was lots of screaming, but the antibiotics seem to be doing their job.
As I mentioned, James' birthday party is this weekend.  I'm very excited, we're going to the Petting Zoo/Pumpkin Patch.  There will be face painting, pony rides, a hay ride and visiting with all the farm animals.  I hope it goes well, as we've never had a party with other children!  We are expecting 10 kids and there is still a ton to do to get ready for the party - shopping, making cupcakes, and getting the favors squared away.  At least we're just ordering pizza to be delivered, otherwise I would have even more to worry about.
I can't believe my little baby is almost 3 years old.  I am so lucky to be his mom, and he is so lucky I love him terribly, because this independent, head strong toddler has been testing his mother a lot lately.  He knows how to push buttons and test his limits.  I think he gets it from his dad.  Either way, I have been working on my patience and self control more than ever.
Yesterday, we did a huge toy clean out in our living room.  We got rid of broken things, moved age appropriate items to Logan's room, and took down the Pack N Play.  As silly as it is (and as happy as I was to have things organized) I cried as we reminisced about James' old toys.  There were toys we thought he'd love forever, now cast aside for more "grown up" Legos and action figures.  At least now there will be room for the pile of toys he's bound to get for his birthday!