Monday, September 23, 2013

He's fussy

In the last few weeks, I've noticed James and Logan's relationship developing in a new way.  They seem like they really get each other more often than not and when Logan is getting fussy or grumpy, James will usually fill in the gaps for his parents, who obviously know nothing.  If I'm making Logan a bottle, James will chime in with "He's hungry, that's why he's fussy."  If Logan wants a toy, but James refuses to give it up, James will let me know that "Him wants to eat my big boy toy."  These kinds of comments happen all the time now and sometimes when I am clueless as to why my usually grinning baby is a bit fussy, I ask James.  His guess can't be any worse than mine, right?
This morning, both boys were up earlier than usual.  James watched a few cartoons and Logan played on the floor while I got ready.  When James' cartoon was over, I left the news on.  James wanted another show, but I told him we didn't have time.  This is the reason cartoons are usually not a part of the morning routine, but I made an exception today.  Logan wanted to be picked up during my last mad rush around the house to get out the door and was loudly letting me know he was displeased with me.  Then James walks up to me and says, "Mom, Baby Logan is fussy because he doesn't like the news."

Friday, September 20, 2013

9 month milestones

Logan is three-quarters of the way to one year old.  We are already planning his big birthday bash and are waiting for him to walk, which I am certain will be sooner rather than later.
Mac just happened to turn 5 today, here is Logan wishing him a happy birthday.

Mastered Skills
Combines syllables into wordlike sounds
Logan makes all kinds of noises, he likes to talk to you if you're chatting with him.
Stands whole holding onto something
Yes, he prefers to be standing up and gets very upset when he wants to walk and realizes that he's just not quite there yet.

Emerging Skills
Uses pincer grasp to pick up objects
Yes, Logan loves to eat big kid food and picks up most things pretty easily.
Cruises while holding onto furniture
Yes, he loves to move!
Bangs objects together
I haven't really seen him bang things together yet, he does like to clear the coffee table of anything that might be on it.

Advanced Skills
Plays patty cake
I haven't tried.
Says "dada" and "mama" to the right parent (is specific)
He hasn't said anything that clearly yet.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

They're getting so big

They're getting so big.  That seems like a pretty obvious statement, my boys are getting big.  Especially Logan, who thinks he should be walking and talking and doing all the things big brother is doing.  And especially James, who does preschool time with Rhonda now and learns so much everyday.
My baby still only has two teeth.  He has an infectious smile.  He crawls, pulls up, cruises around holding onto furniture, and looks for trouble ("adventure") everywhere he goes.  Logan wants to be by brother's side, all the time.  He wants to explore.  He loves to eat and wants to eat anything you might be eating.  He uses his pincer grasp like a pro, never having one second of trouble with it.  I never really thought "Baby Led Weaning" was realistic, until Logan showed us that he can pick up and eat just about anything.
Logan gave me 8 months as a momma's boy, but in the last couple of weeks has realized how awesome his father is.  Aside from bedtime, when he is all mom's, Logan wants to be with dad.  James gave me zero time as momma's boy, so I should relish the time I had with Logan being all mine (I do realize how silly I sound!).  Then there's the time before males took over my house and my whole existence.  I say that half kidding and half knowing that in some ways my life will revolve around cleaning up these boys' messes for quite some time.  
My big boy picks up on everything these days.  He knows when you're talking about him or repeating something he said.  He knows with one look when he can get away with something or not.  And he's always, always testing his boundaries.  James has an occasional accident, but is coming to the end of potty training.  He's funny, sweet and sensitive.  James started his first unit at preschool, "Me and my family" which explores themes on family, friends, pets, and feelings.  Now he tells me that I'm his friend.  Its pretty cute.  He likes to start sentences with "Guess what?".
James loves to be a big brother, with one exception.  He gets terribly upset when Logan messes with his line of toys.  Whether they are cars or trains or animals, James wants his toys lined up.  Little Brother would rather play Godzilla (like James before him) and mess the line up or chew on toys.  When Logan does this, we remind James that he can fix his line and that he should show Logan what he's doing.  James is good about explaining what each toy is and taking them gently from his brother.  But, I can only imagine the trouble these two will get in down the road.
I am trying to be more present.  Always trying.  Always reminding myself to put down the phone or the iPad and turn off the television.  Its not easy.  In trying to be more present, I am reminding myself that these boys growing is a good thing.  I shouldn't let my heart get so weary over their baby-ness wearing off.  That is a struggle for me.  While I love working and know that working is in the cards for me, sometimes I am overwhelmed with the sadness that I am missing out on the boys during the day.  Again, I am trying to shift my thinking to look at the positives and enjoy the time that I have, but some days I am just Debbie Downer.
On September 25th, Logan has his 9 month check up, so we'll see exactly how big he is then.