Monday, August 1, 2011

So much more room for activites!

No, this is not a post about bunk beds (if you've seen Step Brothers then you get this reference), although we do have bunk beds in our guest room and they free up a lot of room for activities.  This is a post about going to visit Jackie, James' godmother*, in West Virginia over the weekend.  Jackie and her husband have a lovely summer get together every year.  We went last year with our tiny, 2 month old and this year we brought our crazy, active almost 14 month old!  I was a little worried about the trip for a number of reasons, mainly the fact that it takes almost 90 minutes to get there (not that long, but I didn't want to bring a tired, cranky toddler to a party).  I was also concerned because James can be a little shy and I didn't want him to cry at people all day. 
But both issues ended up being silly worries.  The morning of the party we kept James up a little while later than usual, let him sleep about an hour for his morning nap, fed him lunch, and then put him in the car a little later than his usual afternoon nap.  So he slept all the way there.  When we got there (a little early) James had time to get acclimated before more people showed up.  Jackie's house has a huge amount of space on the main floor.  The living room, kitchen, and sun room are all very open, so James had plenty of room to crawl around.  And once he realized that he could go where he wanted, he was all over the place.  So much more room for activities!  We had fun and so did he, crawling around, smiling at people, and getting fed (a lot!).  I think James might have eaten more than I did.  He had pasta salad (and he even ate the peas in it, which I picked out), hamburger, hot dog (oh no, not hot dogs!), cupcakes and so much more. 
James really was a ham, smiling, "talking", and laughing.  I'm glad he had fun and wasn't grumpy, because I don't want to be around a grumpy kid and he's mine, let alone inflict the grump on others.  Jackie's grandmother, Mavis, was there and she was a labor and delivery nurse for a long time (30 years or so), so she obviously loves babies.  James sat on her lap for a minute or so before he decided that he wasn't into being held.  We left around 6:30, James' usual bed time.  He fell asleep in the car, but the sun going down (and shining in his eyes) woke him up about 20 minutes before we got home.  He made a little noise, not really screaming, just letting us know he was ready to be out of the seat.  It was 8:00 by the time we got home, and after some milk and cuddles, James went to bed.  Overall, it was a really fun day and I'm glad we all got out of the house!

*Side note on the whole godmother title:  Jackie is James' godmother, but its sort of funny because James has not and will not be baptized or christened or whatever until its something he wants to do.  So really godmother is a way of saying "extra super special nonrelative that we love and loves our baby".  When talking about having more kids with Adam recently (no, I'm not pregnant...) I told him that Jackie will have to be the next baby's godmother too, because she's awesome and it wouldn't be fair to the second one.


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