Monday, August 8, 2011

14 month milestones

Here we are for another installment of James' monthly milestones!

14 months
Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Eats with fingers
Yes, James definitely can eat with his fingers.  He loves food!
Empties containers of contents
Yes, this is another definite.  James will empty anything he can get his hands on - usually his toy drawer at home, toy box at daycare, and the dog's toy basket.
Imitates others
James imitates people, especially if asked to repeat words.  He likes to make silly noises like the cats and has his own way of talking wtih Kippy, the 2 year old at daycare.  They just make funny noises at each other.
Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
Toddles well
James is getting there, but only in secret...  hopefully he'll debut his new walking skills in front of an audience soon.
Initiates games
James makes it clear when he wants to play, he will hand you a toy or look at you for help when he can't get something to work.  I'm not sure if that counts as initiating a game or not.
Points to one body part when asked
It never really occured to me to ask James to point to something, but we talk about where his tummy is, etc.  So no, I guess James isn't doing this yet.
Responds to instructions (e.g., "give me a kiss")
James can respond to instructions, but doesn't necessarily follow them!  He understands things like coming when called, giving something up that he's not supposed to have or moving away from something (usually the cord to the lamp in the living room).  He also seems to understand opening his mouth for food and giving back his sippy (not throwing it when finished).

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
Uses a spoon or fork
James can use a fork or spoon, but that's a pretty liberal interruptation.  If you put food on a spoon or fork and hand it to him, he knows to put it in his mouth.  He sort of understands dipping the spoon back into a bowl to get more food, but often looks like he thinks the food magically ends up on the spoon.  So we are working on this!
Matches lids with appropriate containers
Much like the pointing to body parts, this never really occured to me to have him do.  So this one is a no.
Pushes and pulls toys while walking
James loves to push his ride on car.  He isn't walking on his own, like I mentioned, but he will push his car while he walks behind it.


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