Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sing along mommy

Having a baby means (among other things) that I sing a lot more often.  I sing all kinds of dumb stuff to James, pretty much all the time.  We sing when he gets dressed, in the bathtub, and in the car.  We sing with the radio, we sing camp songs, and mostly we sing stuff that I make up on the fly.  He squeals and laughs and enjoys my singing a lot.  Well, he's only 17 months, so he's pretty easy to amuse.  The dog, on the other hand, doesn't enjoy my singing as much and when we're home alone on Wednesdays, he looks at me and sighs with every tune.  Yes, the dog sighs.  (The baby actually sighs too, they picked it up from me.  Funny enough, a few months ago my step mom posted a video with my dad in it and he sighs too.)  So Mac sighs at me and the look on his face says something like, "Human who isn't Daddy, you seem to be confused regarding our relationship...  You are to feed me continually.  And shut up."
Then its my turn to sigh.

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  1. <...sigh> The act of sighing is get it from your children.

    Actually, Seal sighs frequently...especially if I'm working and don't throw the ball that keeps appearing between my feet. She also sighs when I sing silly songs to her and the other dogs.