Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gobble Gobble

I completed my first Thanksgiving dinner!  There were relatively few hiccups and I was pretty proud of myself for having all of my menu completed and on the table at the same time!  I actually enjoyed making dinner, for the most part.  Usually I don't really like to cook, I much prefer to bake, but I think that has more to do with the outcome of baking.  But it was fun and I was happy to get dinner on the table.  The only real issue was the giblets.  I looked for them in the cavity of the bird, but they were tucked into the other end.  But they were wrapped in wax paper, so at least I didn't kill us with toxic plastic burned into our turkey.  Adam's dad and my brother joined us for dinner, even if some didn't stay for more than the meal and then skipped out immediately afterwards (cough, Uncle, cough).  Adam and John left around 6 for the Raven's game, so James and I hung out for awhile.  Then James headed to bed and I enjoyed some leftover Green Jello Salad and a little Riesling.  Overall, it was a nice day!


  1. Sounds like things went very well for you. We managed to lose the giblets completely; after we prepared the broth for the gravy, we strained it to get the giblets and aromatics separated. Apparently, the giblets were still in the strainer when we gave it to the doggies. So, we think that's where the giblets got to. Other than contented belches, the dogs are not saying anything.

  2. @GrandBear
    Well my intense planning seems to have paid off! I made everything I could the night before, so I think that helped. So now that I've completed a Thanksgiving meal I think I'll retire.... You know, go out on top.