Monday, November 14, 2011

Back to work!

After a long weekend I am back in the office.  My office-mate works from home on Mondays, so at least I have a nice, quiet office to myself today.  James went to daycare this morning, I think he missed Rhonda and the kids, because he didn't put up too much fuss when I had to leave.
Yesterday, we took James to play outside for awhile.  He finally figured out how to walk on the grass (he doesn't like to touch the grass, so standing up was a challenge).  James threw the ball with Mac and ran around for awhile.  I took a really cute video also, so I will try to post it tomorrow.
I am pretty sleepy this morning, I was spoiled having some many days off in a row.  This week I will work all 5 days, with my usual Wednesday at home.  But the week after will be Thanksgiving, so I will only work 2 days.  The State doesn't take furlough days from us this year, but offices are closed on the day before Thanksgiving.  This supposedly saves on electricity.  I am not so certain, but I will take the extra paid administrative leave day!
I have been busily planning our Thanksgiving meal.  It will be the first year that I make Thanksgiving dinner, so I'm pretty excited.  Usually we go to my mom's house, but this year there is a Ravens game on Thanksgiving, making it difficult for us to go anywhere since Adam will have to leave around 5 PM.  But it will be nice to have all the leftover turkey!  We will be going to my mom's the following day, so there will be many turkeys to enjoy.


  1. Check out recipes for brining your turkey the day before. Our turkey turned out really well last year and we brined it.

  2. @The Lasher Family
    Thanks, lady, I will have to check that out!