Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday weekend

This weekend flew by and now here I am, back in the office.  It is nice to get back on schedule after a long weekend off.  As usual, we managed to mess James' day time schedule up completely over the weekend, so I know Rhonda will be having an interesting day with all the kids!  
On Friday, we enjoyed dinner at my mom and step dad's house.  They made ham and potato salad, which was nice, since we've been inundated by turkey the last few days.  My mom also made deviled eggs, which are an all time favorite of mine.
On Saturday, we ventured out of the house to get James' haircut and do some Christmas shopping.  We went to Target, which wasn't too crazy.  We knocked out presents for my nephew and Adam's parents and got James a few winter clothes.  We also picked up a fake tree to put up and its now sitting in our living room.
On Sunday, we went to Home Depot very early in the morning to get outdoor decorations.  We got some fun snowflakes stakes and light nets to throw on our bushes, so I was pretty pleased.  Decorations went up with no problem in the afternoon, so we're looking quite festive.  Or relatively few problems, I don't know what it is about Christmas lights that make couples want to rip each other's eye balls out, but after a few minutes of debate and "discussion" Adam and I were back on the same page.
This afternoon we are going to get our family holiday pictures taken, so I'm pretty excited about that.  James has a very cute outfit to wear and I am hoping it goes well!


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