Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A baby with a cold

Well cold season is here and in full effect.  James has had a bit of a cold for about a week now, nothing serious, just a runny nose and cough.  We took him to the pediatrician yesterday, just to be sure the cough hadn't turned into something more.  Luckily, it hasn't and James seems to be feeling a bit better this morning.  But my goodness, toddlers with colds have got to be the grumpiest grumps of them all!  On Sunday, I was with James alone most of the day as Adam was off watching football.  Normally, James is a funny, happy, playful little guy.  He will play on the floor with his toys, and keep himself entertained for the most part.  Sitting on the floor with him and playing is the easiest way to make him happy.  Sunday was another story...  if I even so much as handed James a toy that he didn't want, he would cry.  Not a real cry, just a fake, whiny cry.  First he would want to be held, then he'd want down.  The second I put him down - you guessed it - he'd want to be held again.  Now this didn't go on all day, mostly in the afternoon, after his nap.  He slept for a long time, maybe 3 hours and then sat in my lap for another hour.  But I think that time really stands still when kids are sick.  Yesterday, Rhonda noticed that James was grumpy most of the day, Adam picked him up around 12:45 PM to go to the doctor, interrupting nap time.  I really hate to mess with nap time, but I would rather he go see the doctor early than wait until later this week when their office's are closed.  Hopefully the little man feels better soon, we have instructions to call the doctor by tomorrow for antibiotics if his nose isn't clearing up.

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