Saturday, September 24, 2011

An exciting weekend

Well, we don't really have an exciting weekend lined up, but that is ok with me.  The start of the birthday/holiday season is here, so I know the next few months will fly by.  Starting at the end of September we have birthdays for my step-sister, brother, mom, step-dad, and Adam.  Halloween is in there, and then we roll right into Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I know it seems like we have a while to go, but we don't.  This year we are planning to have a party for Adam's birthday, since it falls on 11/11/11, but we will see if that comes through.  But anyway, back to this weekend.  I am going to do some cleaning this morning and then am going to hang out this afternoon.  Tomorrow I am getting my hair highlighted and then coming home to watch football with the family.  I hope I am as productive as I plan to be with my morning cleaning!


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