Thursday, September 15, 2011

Houston, we have a MOLAR!

James and his teeth continue to perplex me.  His gums are constantly swollen and it looks like they could all pop through at any moment.  We're always on the look out for more teeth, but we usually get the best look during dinner since James isn't exactly a willing participant in oral exams.  Just a few days ago at dinner I said, "Holy crap!  I think he's got another tooth...  oh wait, that's part of a tatter tot..."  Yes folks , I am eloquent.  But last night at dinner, Adam saw something in the back of James' mouth.  So I poked around a bit and saw that two of the cusps of James' upper right (wait, his right?) molar had poked through, without so much as a complaint from the boy.  I guess as time goes on he has gotten more used to the pain and is dealing with it much better.


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