Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sassy the cat lives up to her name...

On Sunday, Adam's mom, dad, and stepsister and my brother came for dinner.  We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and it wasn't too horribly awkward (Adam's mom and dad are divorced and only in the last couple of years have really socialized at all).  Snow, the now 4 month old puppy, also came.  The last time he was over, we kept Sassy (aka my little princess, the only other female in my house) away from him.  You see, Sassy loves to beat up puppies.  She kicked Mac's butt all the time when he was little.  Eventually they learned to get along, or at least we learned that she wasn't doing much more than batting at him.  We also learned that Mac's loud cries were FAKE.  Sassy doesn't have claws on her front paws and although she has bitten Mac before, it was totally provoked.  Mac actually kind of likes the attention from Sassy and will mess with her on purpose now.  But poor Snow didn't know what was coming.  So the few times Snow has been over, we've just kept Sassy away from him.  She's charged him and attempted some of her batting, but nothing big (at least not to me, I'm used to it)  We should have kept that up, because without even touching him, she scared the pee out of the pup.  Yes, every time Sassy would come near Snow, he'd tinkle just the littlest bit on my carpet.  Who knew Snow was such a big baby.  And my Sassy girl once again proves she's the alpha animal. 


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