Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby Fever

Well now that I’ve gone and mentioned it, I suppose I will address baby fever.  I don’t think that I necessarily have a bad case of baby fever at the moment, although it seems like many people we know have recently had their second baby or are getting pregnant.  I know that we would like to have a second baby and would like to have them 3 to 4 years apart, which means sooner rather than later, its going to happen. 
The thing of it all is that Adam (and Jackie and my mom) are like, “Are you high?  Do you not remember the 8 days you spent in the hospital the last time?” And the really odd part of that line of questioning is that in many ways I was so freaking out of it that I don’t remember a lot of being in the hospital.  I mean, I wasn’t in great shape and I cried every single day, wanting to take my baby and go home, but looking back on it is easier now – I know the outcome.  I came home and James came home and we’re great.  All I had to do is lay in the hospital and veg out, I didn’t have to go to work, drive to Towson everyday, stay for a few hours, learn how to take care of a preemie, worry about my wife and baby and try to focus on the other million things involved in one’s daily life.  So I get that really, I was on the winning side of the situation. 
I am lucky that Adam is the amazing and supportive person that he is, because I never once questioned if he was able to take care of me and James.  I had always thought that he’d be a great dad and he beyond lived up to that expectation.  Also, he kept a steady supply of Junior Mints on hand, which I think gives him bonus points.  So where does that leave us for a second baby?  Nothing set in stone, no real plans at this point, we are definitely not trying, but are definitely thinking about trying someday.  And that’s enough for now.


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