Sunday, September 25, 2011

A day that will live in infamy...

Today started out like most Sundays.  It was my day to wake up and walk the dog.  So Mac and I took a little stroll  at 4:45 and then I settled down on the couch to nap and watch the early news.  James woke up around 6:15, a little early, but not too far off schedule.  He had a sippy and we played on the floor for awhile.  Morning nap started around 7:00 or so.  I went upstairs and cuddled with Adam a little.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  James woke back up around 8:30 and had breakfast.  Around 11, Adam and James went to get their haircut and I stayed home and started some laundry.  I know, am I boring you to death yet?  Just think, I cut out 2 or so hours of the morning.  (I think my darling husband and I were having one of those mornings that married couples have every now and then...  we were a little sick of each other.  Not particularly fighting, just a little grumpy.  So I cut out the mundane details of us being jackasses.)  Anyway, the boys came back from their haircut without incident.  James apparently did really well without his mom at the barber.  No tears, he just sat there and got his hair cut.  Amazing!
When the boys got home (and Adam and I decided we should stop being grumpy jerks) they needed to shower and get all that loose hair off.  So I got James undressed.  And when I took his little diaper off, I noticed that James looked a little... well he looked a little like he needed to pee.  But I didn't really think anything of it, I carried him into the bathroom, where Adam was getting into the shower...  And then it happened.  Not one second after I told James that he better not pee on me, it happened.  I felt the warm trickle and realized HE PEED ALL OVER ME!  Now of course I've been the target of baby pee before, the water pistol has caught me off guard during a diaper change or two.  But never while I was actually holding him!  And this wasn't a little, the air is cool, I only kinda have to go sort of tinkle.  This was a full on, all over my shirt AND jeans kind of pee. 
So I sort of laughed, handed him off to Adam, walked into our bedroom and proceeded to bawl.  I have no idea why I cried about getting peed on, other than the fact that I've never been peed on before and it wasn't my most favorite thing.  Also, I'm having a grumpy kind of week (wink, wink, ladies, you know, THAT grumpy week) and I tend to cry at the drop of a hat.  That may also explain like 99% of the marital grumpiness this morning.  Adam kept yelling from the shower "He didn't mean it, honey!  You know he didn't do it on purpose!"  And by the time James was ready to be handed back off to me, I'd changed my outfit and stopped crying. 
Seriously, is the baby reading my blog?  Did he know that I'd recently written about both poop and his showering schedule?  James, no more peeing on Momma!  She's not a fan!


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