Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This morning was a pretty typical morning for James and I.  He slept a bit later than he has been (6:30 AM seemed really late!) and we got dressed and ready for the day.  I realized that I needed to change my insulin pump set, so I got all my supplies ready.  James noticed what I was doing and stood by to "help" which really means he wanted to watch.  So I got everything all ready to go and then put the set in (the set portion of the tubing is the part that goes in my stomach, the catheter, really).  When I put it in, James said, "Ouch!  That hurt!"  He's so funny.  I've never told him it hurts, he just came to his own conclusion.  A few minutes later, I stabbed my finger to check my blood sugar, and James again yelled "Ouch!  That hurt too!"  He's so funny.  Sometimes he pretends to put his finger on the test strip too.  I'm amazed at how well he handles everything, I always explain what I'm doing and that it doesn't hurt Mom.  Now he's more curious than anything and wants to watch.  He can be helpful too, if I ask him to go get my medicine, he'll fetch my glucometer for me.  This morning, when I got my number - 115, I told him the machine said that Mom did a good job.  He laughed at me and we continued on our day!


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