Friday, October 5, 2012

26 weeks

Another week has flown by and the baby is now the size of a head of lettuce.  Last week was cauliflower, so I guess the bigger baby gets, the more like a vegetable he becomes!  I meant to update the blog more this week, James has been doing lots of entertaining things, but I have been really exhausted most days.  While I am still sleeping well, day to day activities have started to tire me out more and more.  Even just hemming and hanging James' new curtains really took it out of me.  I am trying to remember not to push myself too hard, but to maintain some level of activity.  Its a fine line to walk, especially when I would rather take a nap!  Baby has been kicking up a storm lately!  He likes to let me know his opinion through his kicks, for instance I know that he doesn't like when my waist band is too tight and he's not a fan of Mexican food.  Something about this little guy tells me he's not as laid back as his older brother, but we will see!
As you may have noticed, I haven't mentioned baby's name on the blog yet.  He has a name, but I always feel weird about putting it out there (on the blog, facebook, etc.) before he's out in the world.  You could ask me his name and I'd definitely tell you, so my logic is probably flawed.  We did the same with James, partially to make sure when he came out he looked like a James.  Again, my logic was flawed, as I saw him for all of 30 seconds before he was taken to the NICU.  But Adam (who was able to see him sooner than I was) assured me that he was a James.  I'm sure it was easier to tell me that than it would have been to pick another name, but we'll go with it.
James is still preparing to be a big brother.  Hopefully this weekend we will move him into his big boy bedroom.  He likes the room, but I am a bit worried he may fall out of bed.  The new room is directly over our living room, so if that happens, we will quickly hear about it.  We have been trying to explain to James that his baby brother (brudder in 2 year old speak) is in mommy's tummy.  He calls his little brother "cute" a lot, but I have a feeling he's not really going to connect the dots until the baby is here.  Last night he kicked me in the stomach while we were playing on the couch, not hard, but enough that it hurt.  I told him that he might hurt baby brother and he promptly apologized with a "Sorry, baby brudder!".  James is also still convinced we should name the baby "Applesauce".  I wish I fully understood the things going on in his head, he has quite the imagination.
This weekend should be fairly calm, as we have nothing planned.  I'm thankful for times where we can enjoy James while he is still an only child!


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