Thursday, October 11, 2012

I was cryin'

(queue the Aerosmith song?)
That's not actually what I'm referencing.  "I was cryin'" is James' newest "catch phrase".  Over the last few days, he's been saying it repeatedly.  The second anyone walks in a room, he will tell them that he was crying.  Whether those tears came 15 minutes before or 12 hours before, he lets you know that he was crying.
Sigh.  This makes it sound like my kid cries all day, everyday.  He really doesn't.  Yesterday, he had a tantrum about not wanting to get dressed.  But I got him dressed, we went downstairs, he got over it in a matter of seconds.  An hour later, we went to Rhonda's and the first thing he tells her is "I was cryin'".  When Adam picked him up yesterday evening, it was the first thing James said.  Rhonda stepped in and told Adam that James had not cried or had a single tantrum all day.
But he was cryin'.
Apparently, one of the older girls at daycare (Lilly, who is almost 4) will tell you that she is going to cry if she doesn't get her way.  All the boys promptly ignore her (she's the only girl during the day, surrounded by little boys aged 1, 2, 3, and 4!).
Aside:  Have I mentioned that Rhonda needs to be canonized as Saint Rhonda, patron saint of running noses and bad attitudes?
Regardless, I'm not sure if this is where James picked up the wording or not.
I've been trying to get some feeling words out of James, asking him why he was crying.  Was he upset or frustrated or sad?  He seems to understand that you cry when you're upset.  The handful of times I've cried lately (thank you, hormones), I've tried to explain that mom was upset or frustrated.  He also seems to get that his tantrums are pretty silly and typically ignored completely.  They are fewer and further between, but he is a stubborn little boy when he wants to be.
I'm really not sure where this catch phrase is leading us, sometimes he picks something up for a few days and its over as quickly as it began.  Other times, they stick around for awhile.  I know this isn't the worst thing he could be saying right now, but I hate to think about my little guy crying, even if its not nearly as often as he is saying it.
For your viewing please, Aerosmith's Cryin' video, featuring young Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone.  Classic.


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