Saturday, October 13, 2012


As a second time mom and as someone using a new OB, I have a ton of questions swirling around my head. Some of them come from my birth experience with James and some of them come from having a new doctor perform this surgery.  With James, I had a regular OB, Dr. Aziz and the high risk OB, Dr. Cootauco.  I went to my regular check ups with Aziz and then would walk over to the main hospital for high risk stuff (mainly non stress tests and biophysical profiles).  I think this go around is easier, making one appointment instead of trying to coordinate two visits back to back.  Dr. Aziz delivered James and took care of my pre-eclampsia issues and the high risk doctors managed my diabetes in the hospital.
Some of my questions are:
Who will circumcise the baby?  Dr. Aziz did James', but I am not sure the high risk doctor's perform this surgery.  And yes, we circumcise, and no, I don't really want to chat about it.  (Sorry, too much judgement and criticism on that topic for me to handle!!  I really just let Adam decide, because I am not equipped.)
Can I watch the c-section?  I didn't even think to ask if I could watch James being born.  They put my spinal and epidural in (spinal for the surgery and epidural for pain management afterwards) and then put up the curtain.  I am sure they don't typically want moms to watch themselves being cut open, so we could even skip that part.  But I saw James for all of 30 seconds before they whisked him away and that really was difficult for me.  Adam took a million pictures of his first 2 days, but I still hate that I missed them because I was ill.  If I could even just watch them take him out and get a few more minutes, I would be happy.  All of that supposes that this baby will be early and have complications, which may not be the case.
When will we schedule the c-section?  The answer to this question will come with time and more monitoring of the baby.  But I am incredibly impatient and want to know now!  (In my head I sound like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka "Daddy, I want a golden ticket!")
What will the day of the surgery entail?  When will we have to check in, how long will things take, who should we have waiting with us?  I am a planner.  It is a blessing and a curse.  I just hope that the surgery takes place on a day when James can go to Rhonda's.  His whole world is going to be rocked and I just hope we can maintain some kind of routine.
I'm sure I have a million more questions to ask before the baby comes, and if I keep writing them down, I might actually remember them all!


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