Friday, October 26, 2012

29 weeks

This week, baby is the size of an acorn squash!  James loves squash, so when I saw this picture, I immediately thought of my boy!  The little brother is weighing in right on target at 3 pounds and 2 ounces, per our growth ultrasound this week.  This week was a busy one, so time really flew by!  Not much going on with the pregnancy, other than the highlights I posted from our check up on Wednesday.
This weekend we are spending some time when my mom and step dad, eating delicious enchiladas.  We will also be spending some time getting things ready for the baby to come.  This includes a big trip to Target, Sam's Club for diapers and formula, and turning the crib back into a crib!  We also need to move the rest of James' clothes and get a ton of things out of the attic!
A coworker of mine insisted that we're doing all of this too soon, but I know how impatient my kids are, so I would rather get it out of the way.  I also think she may have been hinting at a baby shower, but really, even if we're lucky enough to have one, I would rather be overly prepared than wait!
In reference to the formula we are buying at Sam's - we are hoping that the baby will nurse and that breast milk will be his main source of nourishment, but are planning on supplementing with formula also.  Even though I may be pumping while Adam feeds him with a bottle, we want to use both.  Supply was never an issue with James, but we only nursed/pumped for 3 weeks, so who knows what will come.  Since the baby will start daycare around 8 weeks old, he needs to be able to take a bottle regardless of what's in it.
Overall, I am just glad its Friday.  Sleep hasn't been coming very easily and I could certainly use the break from the office!


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