Friday, October 12, 2012

27 weeks

The baby is the size of a rutabaga this week.  I've never really encountered a rutabaga, I think its a root vegetable?  Not so sure, but that's what in the womb this week.  I've noticed that the last few weeks have listed the same general sizes for the baby, but we go on the 24th for another growth ultrasound.  At that point, I will know more about exactly how large (and knowing me, he's a big boy!) Baby Bednarczyk #2 is.  Also on the 24th is the official start of my going to the OB at least every 2 weeks.  I will be getting blood work that day, but I do get one small perk of already being a diabetic - I get to skip the gestational diabetes testing!  I've heard how awful it is from several moms, so I will take the little (tiny, minuscule  minute) bonus wherever I can.
This weekend we are taking James to the pumpkin patch with my mom, step dad, and step grandma (oh divorce, how you complicate familial titles).  We are going to a new place, since we just went to the petting zoo at our usual patch a few months ago.  The new place also has a bake shop and I am looking forward to getting an apple, caramel, and walnut pie!  Yum!  James has been reading his Little Critter The Fall Festival book over and over (and over, since I read it to him 3 times this morning alone...), so I know he will be excited to go on a real hayride.


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