Friday, November 2, 2012

30 weeks

Today marks 30 weeks!  The baby is the size of a cucumber.  That size comparison seems a bit off, but I guess its more of the length than the actually size?  Who knows, these food comparisons are getting weirder every week.  I guess for me that's because the baby is kicking me so much!  Food shouldn't move like that!
This week has been a bit crazy, which is why I haven't blogged.  I had a ton of stuff to write about, but no time or energy.  So here we are for the weekly update!  Hurricane Sandy came through Maryland late Monday night.  We were off work on Monday (which made no sense, because nothing happened) and Tuesday, so James stayed home with mom and dad.  It was fun to spend some time with him when he'd normally be in daycare, but by Wednesday I was really wanting our regular schedule back.  James can get a bit whiny, as toddlers are want to do, and I knew he was really needing his routine back.  The second Adam walked out the door for work on Wednesday, my usual chipper boy was back.  Wednesday was a nice day to get back into the swing of things, because I went to work and picked some things up and then went back home for my telework day!  But all in all, we made it through the Hurricane with no power loss and no damage to the house.
This weekend is going to be a fun one (I hope!).  We have family photos scheduled with an actual photographer (not just Sears or the Picture People) and I am really hoping they go well.  James has had two meltdowns the last 2 times we've gone to get his picture taken, so I'm hoping he can warm up to the photographer and we can get some cute shots.  Also included in our "family" for the day are James' godparents, Jackie and Rob.  I figured at the very least, they could help James smile for group shots and while we were at it, they should get some pictures too!  The sitting fee is for up to 5 people, so darn it, I'm bringing 5 people!  I know that might seem silly, but Jackie and Rob really are like family, so I'm excited to have some pictures of all of us and of James and his "aunt" and "uncle".  Adam keeps mentioning some kind of wife swap, so this will be his chance!  The photographer we're using is Stephanie Raynor, so feel free to check out her website:


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