Monday, September 10, 2012

I've said it before...

...and I'll say it again.  Two year olds are crazy.  
For the life of me, I can't remember that I ever had this much energy.  James can run and run and run, for hours on end, and not even appear to be tired.  He will chase the dog around the middle level of our house, which admittedly is not very large, but they will go in circles for hours.  We have a 3 level duplex, with a total of 1500 square feet, divided evenly between floors.  So James and Mac will go around the living room coffee table, pass the stairs and then around the dining room table.  Without the gate blocking the kitchen, I'm sure they would make their rounds in there too.
When we play outside, it is more of the same.  Running around and around.  Up the hills in the backyard and down.  He's a crazy boy who plays hard.  
Adam keeps reminding me that one day we'll have two boys running around this much.  He actually takes a certain amount of glee in my agony over keeping up with two active little boys.
But energy aside, I really can't complain.  James is a smart and well behaved child.  We work on his manners all the time, not only saying please and thank you, but greeting people and table manners.  He will sit for quiet activities in between tearing through the house.  He is very loving towards his dog and is learning to be more gentle and quiet with the cats (who generally run from him).  Reading books and having iPad time are high on his list of things to do.  While he definitely has tantrums when he doesn't get his way, he's learning to say "night-night" to the "Mickey Book" when iPad time is over and to help clean up toys when play time is over.  Most days, I still have a hard time believing I get to be his mom.
Anyway, enough bragging on my boy.  I do have to say that when people tell you two year olds repeat everything they hear, they are telling the truth.  I definitely have the worse potty mouth between Adam and I, but James hasn't repeated anything too naughty yet.  Last night, Adam said something a bit off color (I can't even remember what, honestly) and I said, "Don't teach him that!" and James looked at Adam and said, "Yea Dad, no teach me that!"


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