Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An update

The rooms are painted!  And they look beautiful.  Unfortunately, I did have to take yesterday off work.  Well I switched my work from home day, so at least I didn't have to actually take time off.  Everything looks nice and new and sparkling!  I love the color of the kitchen and as soon as we get pictures up and everything finished I will post before and after pictures.  I like the color for James' room too, I think we could have gone a bit darker, but overall I am happy.  Also, the bathroom looks so much more complete now that the ceiling is painted.  We ended up getting almost 50% off the paint by using the contractors account, so that worked out well, even if it did take an extra hour.
So my nesting is almost complete.  In a couple of weeks we will buy the new bedding and rug for James' room and get the pictures and dishwasher cover for the kitchen.  The only other project I want to complete before the baby makes his debut is replacing the faucet in the bathroom, so fingers crossed!


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