Monday, September 24, 2012

Holy Baboon Butt

One of the things that has struck me about being a parent is the amount of knowledge I have about my kid's bodily functions.
Sidebar:  How's that for a start on Monday morning?
I knew being parent involved changing diapers, wiping noses, and clipping nails, but wow.  Two years into it, I am still amazed at what is "normal" for me to talk about to Adam, my mom, or the daycare lady.
Over the weekend, James and I had some stomach issues.  Mine came on Saturday evening, after a lovely dinner with my mom, and James' started on Sunday morning.  He went through 4 pairs of shorts on Sunday. Yes, shorts, not the diapers under them, but shorts that were victims to severe diaper blow outs.
After we thought this "event" was over, we ventured out to our local park.  We didn't even think to bring a diaper bag (for an hour or less, we generally don't bring one).  So of course, James had another blow out, on the play ground.  I drove home and back quickly and we changed him there rather than make him cut his play time short.  Then I realized another pair of shorts was a mess, so James played for awhile in just his diaper and shirt (until the wind kicked up and it got too cold to run around pantless).
As a result, my little man's tush is a mess.  There is crazy baboon action going on in this guy's pants.  We gave him a bath and let him run around diaperless for almost an hour, but his poor butt is not happy.  Every diaper change has been a fight, because it hurts to get wiped and it hurts to put more diaper cream on.
But Adam and I chatted about his butt.  When Adam left for the Ravens game, I texted him about the state of James' butt.  This morning, Rhonda and I had a chuckle at poor James' expense, because his butt is so red.  Who knew this would be my life?
James is feeling better, he never seemed sick really, just the stomach problem.  Two rounds of probiotics in his juice yesterday and this morning have helped.  The butt is much less red than it was last evening.  I can't wait until he's potty trained.


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