Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ultrasound Update

On Tuesday, my mom and I went for our fetal echo cardiogram and growth ultrasound.  It was fun to see my little guy again, he is growing like a weed.  His heart looked great during the echo portion, although the doctor later explained to us that as much as they can tell from the echo, there is even more that they won't be able to sort out until after the baby comes.  For now, everything looks good.  James' tiny hole hasn't been a concern yet, so even if the new baby did have a VSD, it wouldn't be the end of world.  Of course, its nice to hear that everything looks good.
Speaking of looking good...  the ultrasound checked again to make sure that the baby is a boy.  And is he ever.  He was more than happy to show us his boy parts and we got to take home a funny picture to prove it.  I would put them up here, but I'd hate to see what my Google searches would look like then.  The baby is measuring about 1 pound and 11 ounces.  I was worried that was a little bit big, but I do tend to grow large babies.  The doctor didn't seem to concerned as he is growing on track with his previous measurements.  Also, his tummy wasn't the big part, it was mostly his head, which is standard for 24 weeks.  If his stomach was getting very large, there would be concern.
My weight was briefly discussed again, but when I told Dr. Cootauco (who is very sweet and also the doctor who followed me with James) that Dr. Rossiter (a. k. a. The Enforcer) had already "talked" to me, she knew she didn't need to say anything else.  She did mention that I do not actively need to try to lose weight, just maintain where I am.  If weight comes off because I am eating well, that's okay.
I'm glad my mom was able to come with me and see her next grandson.  These visits can get a little boring, so its always nice to have someone to talk to.  It looks like from here on out, I will be going to the doctor every 2 weeks.  I have a routine appointment on October 10th and another routine appointment with growth ultrasound on October 24th.  We will have a baby in no time!


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