Monday, September 17, 2012

Morning excitement

Maybe the title of this post should actually be "Morning annoyance" but I will go with excitement for the time being.  I wrote on Friday about the painters coming to the house today.  I've been so excited about getting the rooms painted, especially our kitchen.  If you've ever seen my poor, ugly, incomplete kitchen, you would probably understand.
The painters were scheduled to come between 8 and 10 this morning.  Adam scheduled a day at home so that I wouldn't have to deal with anything.  Around 9:30, the painter's office calls Adam to tell him they need to reschedule, the painter is sick.  Adam tells them this is unacceptable, etc. and that he's very frustrated, rescheduling isn't that easy, we prepped the rooms all day Sunday, etc.  So after calling me, they call him back and ask if someone can come in the afternoon.  Adam said that was not okay, someone needed to come in the morning.  Its agreed that someone will come to the house at 10:45 AM.
The new, not sick painter comes to the house.
He has no paint with him.
We'd previously called and given our paint numbers so that the paint could be purchased with the company discount.  This was agreed on at the time of the estimate and confirmed when I called a few days after.  The painter leaves to get the paint.  It takes almost an hour.  Then he comes back to the house, reads the work order, tells us that it says he's only painting one wall in the kitchen.  No, the estimate was for all the walls, no ceiling, no trim, no door.  There is much back and forth and the guy finally gets a hold of the main office, who confirm that the whole kitchen is to be painted.  During that time, Adam asked me to come home for work to help deal with the situation, as he was getting more and more frustrated.  When I left the house at 12:15 PM, painting had started.  As of this writing at 2 PM, Adam has texted me that the painter is still in the kitchen and has not touched the bathroom ceiling or the bedroom.  I suppose if I have to, I will be taking a day off work tomorrow to get this work completed, but it is so frustrating!

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  1. This so resonates with me! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you got home to all three rooms painted -- and that they look beautiful. A painter with decent skills could get it done! However, long experience has taught me that home improvement of any sort almost always veers off the track and involves various amounts of head/wall banging. Hang in there!