Thursday, January 5, 2012

Right as rain

Well James appears to have recovered nicely from his ear infection.  After going to bed early for several nights, he was back on schedule yesterday.  He's been running around like a crazy person, so even though it means less cuddles for mom, he is feeling better!  He has a few days left of the antibiotics, but that should keep him well for awhile.  It looks like the cold has spread through daycare, as many of the other kids are dealing with runny noses and coughs.  But it is that time of year, so we can only expect colds!
James has been using a fork very well the last couple of weeks, he likes spoons as well, but tends to use the fork a bit better.  Some of his favorite foods right now are macaroni and cheese, broccoli, applesauce, and pasta salad.  I think the next big thing we're going to tackle is using a regular cup.  Of course he can use sippies (and will use them for some time to come), but eventually we will have to make the switch, so we might as well start practicing at home.
Yesterday, when I was getting James ready for daycare, he tried to put his own socks on, which was really cute.  He held out the sock, opened it up, and tried so hard to get his foot in.  He didn't quite succeed, but we will keep working on that as well.  One of these days he's going to learn how to take his other clothes off, and I'm pretty sure at that point we'll have a hard time keeping them on.  He will lean his head in for a shirt or hat, and slip his arms through when you tell him, so its nice to have some help getting him dressed!
Finally, I'd like to talk about footie pajamas.  How cute are kids in footies?  Its crazy how adorable I think my child is, but when he walks around in footie pajamas, I about die from the cute.  Something about the round little toddler tummy and the bulge of an overnight diaper makes me love jammies and my boy!


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