Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keeping up

What a crazy week, between me being tired, James being sick and Adam working long hours, I was ready for this weekend.
We had a nice family weekend, we didn't have any guests or go to see anyone, which seems rare for us these days.  We got some rest, did a little house work, and spent a lot of fun family time today.  Saturday, we all went for a walk around Hilltop Circle aka the UMBC "beltway" - the road that circles the campus.  We are lucky to live so close to campus and have a nice place to walk.  It was a brisk walk, I pushed James in the stroller most of the way and Mac got to sniff out college smells.  About halfway through we let James out to walk and he had a great time.  He couldn't decide if he wanted to walk on the pavement or in the grass and kept moving between the two.  At one point we had a close call, he almost took a header into the road, but Adam caught him just in time.  After that we had a nice dinner at Chic-Fil-A.  Today we mostly hung out at home, but we took a short trip to Target and then headed back out for dinner.  I really enjoy the weekends when we can eat out, mainly because cooking dinner isn't my favorite task.
Speaking of eating out, it really needs to stop.  I know, I just said how much I enjoy it...  With last week being so crazy, we ate out or ordered in a lot.  It has not helped my weight loss efforts and I'm feeling a bit like Jabba the Hut.  But all things work in cycles, so perhaps I can get back into a more healthy cycle in the coming weeks.
This week is going to be another busy one for us.  I have a lot of work coming up as my busy season is starting.  The state fiscal year starts on July 1 and its a marathon of contracts (35+ for the agencies I'm responsible for), plan reviews, and end of year reporting.  Adam has a big project due on Thursday, so I'm sure he will be busy and am hoping that he will be home on time.  As much as Adam works, I think he single-handedly proves all stereotypes about government workers wrong.  I also have a dental appointment and Mac has to get shots at the end of the week.  It never ends!
As busy and crazy and maddening as things have been lately, I am continuing to push myself to be present, to enjoy our time with James, and to remember how lucky I am to have these wonderful boys in my life.  James is more work that I could have imagined, but its so nice to see when it pays off.  This weekend he had no timeouts and when I told him if he continued a behavior he would be getting a timeout (the instance I can think of is repeatedly turning on and off the living lamp) he actually stopped!  Amazing!  James also gave me my first baby kiss that didn't involve his tongue (I know, its gross, but babies think its hilarious...).  I asked for a kiss and James puckered up and laid one on me with a big ol' "MUAH!"


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