Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If you kiss your baby...

...you will get sick.  I should know this by now, but I can't help but smooch on the little guy.  So I've got a sore throat and some congestion going on.  Hopefully it will pass soon!
James appeared to be feeling better over the weekend, but woke up with a fever yesterday.  He went to daycare for most of the day, but his pediatrician wanted him to come in and have his ears checked out again, just in case.  Rhonda said he was fine all day, took a good nap, but wasn't really that hungry.  You know James doesn't feel good if he's not eating, normally he can snack all day long.  We saw Dr. Chander at 3 and learned that James' ears are clearing up and that his fever is probably due to having a virus on top of everything.  Luckily, his lungs, throat,and sinuses were all clear.  So we are still keeping an eye on him, making sure he gets plenty of fluids and continuing his antibiotics.
Of course after his trip to the doctor James was up for awhile last night.  It appears that his remaining 3 cuspids are on their way in and he is not happy about it.  On top of his runny nose and ears, the mouth pain was too much for the boy and he woke up screaming.  I feel so bad when he's teething and had hoped we would be done with this phase of life, but we popped some teething tablets in, gave him some Benadryl for his stuffy nose and then dad stepped in for some snuggles.  He went back down after that and we all got some much needed rest.
This morning James seemed to be on the mend.  He didn't have a fever and actually ate some cheerios and a string cheese for first breakfast.  Yes, my son is a hobbit who eats second breakfast as soon as he gets to Rhonda's.  I am here at work for a bit and then off to the dentist, lucky me!


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