Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dental Woes

Is it just me or does everyone avoid the dentist like the plague?  Or the plaque?  (Ha!  Dental humor!)
Actually, I know one person that loves going to the dentist so much that her mom used to think she'd become a dentist.  Yes, James' godmother Jackie is crazy, but she does love going to the dentist.
I, on the other hand, am not a fan.  Luckily, I've never had a lot of cavities and I went to the dentist fairly regularly.  Then I got married and managed to avoid going for 4 years.  That was a really bad idea.  So I went yesterday morning for a new patient exam and wound up going back in the afternoon for a cleaning (our dentist does the new patient exam separate from the cleaning, which I think is a racket).  A cleaning that turned out to be the first of TWO cleanings, because I am just that lucky.  Yesterday was the painful, ultra sonic scaling visit, the next is a regular, polish the teeth cleaning.
I also have to go back get two cavities filled.  I am still contending that one of these cavities isn't my fault entirely.  I have a huge space between my last two molars because of the spacers put in by my orthodontist about 16 years ago.  They needed to make room for the evil, palate expanding "quad" they put in and food still gets suck in there.  Totally gross, I know.  (Maybe if you flossed a little, Chelsea, this wouldn't be a problem...)  One of the cavities is right where that space happens to be.  The other I will take full responsibility for.
So lesson learned - do not avoid the dentist for 4 years, even if you're busy and have moved a couple of times and pop out a child.  I will be getting the rest of my dental work on the 25th and after that I will be going religiously every 6 months.
Which reminds me that I really need to find a dentist to take James to.  I've been slacking.


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