Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby snuggles

I am a sucker for one thing these days (and no, its not large chocolate Frosties from Wendy's, although they're a close second....  anyone remember when you didn't have to specify the flavor of a Frostie because they only came in chocolate?).
The thing I'm a sucker for right now - baby snuggles.  I love them.  I can't get enough.  I say this as though something has changed and that I never enjoyed baby snuggles until this week.  But maybe something has changed - James' free will.  When babies are little, you can force snuggles on them.  I mean, they need to be held to eat, so there you go, their survival depends on some amount of snuggling.  But now, James feeds himself.  Or throws his dinner off of his tray and then gets a stern talking to, but you know, close enough.  James also runs around like a maniac, baby tornado.  So when he's ready to sit down on your lap, look you in the eye, and lean in for a snuggle, it means you're on his turf.  You are now snuggling on his terms.  And the fact that he still wants his mom and dad to snuggle him on occasion, just melts my heart.
James' favorite way to snuggle with his mom is pretty adorable, even with my mom-bias.  We sit in our recliner, which rocks a little bit.  I rock it a little faster while he's facing me, so that James gets to sway pretty quickly and once we're moving pretty fast, James pretends to fall into me.  He giggles on his way down, squealing with delight, until his head is on my chest.  And then he stays there, sometimes just for a minute.  And I kiss his forehead and rub his back and just generally love my little man.  We usually repeat this quasi-pony ride, fast rocking move a few times and then he asks to get down.  As a man on the move, James is probably plotting the next thing in my house to destroy, but as along as he lets me get some cuddles in, I'm a happy momma.
Aside from a bit of wrestling with dad and the dog, James and Adam usually cuddle before bed.  After jammies are put on and teeth are brushed, James "helps" us clean up his toys and then goes to sit in dad's lap.  They cuddle and relax for a few minutes until James points upstairs and asks for bed.  We blow kisses and then I put James in bed.  He rolls onto his tummy, rubs the edge of his woven blanket, and falls asleep.
Yep, I love baby snuggles.


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