Monday, February 13, 2012

You know... the usual

Life has been moving along as usual for us.  Each day is a routine that feels very familiar and comforting and everything in our family feels nice and settled.  Which is not to say that the usual is boring or not hectic, because it is, but I really love our family dynamic and our life in general.
James has been continuing to teeth, making sleep rough.  He's been up every other night or so, sometimes for longer than others.  It can be frustrating to feel like there is nothing we can do to help, especially if we've already given him pain medicine or teething tablets.  Sometimes the only thing that helps is a snuggle from mom or dad and while I can appreciate that, it can be tiring.  Adam has been busy at work and my busy season is starting, so we've been trying to savor slow weekends.
This weekend was an exciting one though.  We saw Adam's mom on Saturday, she is in Virginia doing training for her new job.  For dinner, we all took James to his first hibachi restaurant.  He was entertained by the show that the chef put on, but was not happy when he lit the whole grill on fire.  After the "woosh" went down, he proceeded to cry until Adam took him out of the high chair and comforted him.  It was pretty funny actually, the look on his face was "what the hell, guys?"  But he enjoyed the food afterwards.
On Sunday, we bought a new car, which was the highlight of the weekend.  My car was getting fairly old (6 years) and while it was functioning just fine, we knew that if we waited longer to trade it in, we wouldn't get much money for it.  So Carmen the Elantra is gone and we now have a 2012 Chevy Equinox.  Its an SUV and much larger than I'm used to, but the gas mileage is actually better than my old car.  I'm so excited to have something so new and shiny!
So its Monday morning and we're all back to work and daycare.


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