Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

I haven't done an update in awhile on my weight loss efforts.  Its been a slow road lately, I haven't been super dedicated, but I haven't gained anything back.  My weight loss ticker is still up to date (finally, I haven't updated it in awhile and then I came back around to the same weight that it says.)  So I am trying to eat smaller portions and not over indulge in junk food.  I have cancelled my Weight Watchers membership because I just wasn't using it.  So I am going to go it alone for awhile and see where I am.  On March 11th, I am doing the Shamrock 5k with my girlfriend Candi, and I have been training for it.  I am due to run 2.5 miles at some point today and have been working to improve my time.  I can't believe I signed up for another 5k, but I've been progressing and its nice to go out and run/jog/walk and clear my head.  Long term I know that running is not the sport for me.  My knees are killing me and now my hips have started to hurt also.  This doesn't really surprise me, I have had problems with my knees since high school and pounding them into the concrete is certainly not helping.  The hip pain is new, but I know it has to do with the same issues (tight tendons, long bones, one slightly longer leg/body alignment, and weight) that cause my knee problems.  Some of those I can correct, but others are just the way my silly body is formed.  But we will see how I am feeling after the 11th and go from there.
My saving grace with my running regimen has been my new iPod Nano.  I super love the Nike Plus Fitness Program and really have lucked out with this iPod.  The story behind it - I was reading on "the facebook" and noticed a friend of mine had posted something about Apple recalling 1st generation iPod Nanos due to a battery problem.  Well, Adam bought me one about 5 years ago and I used it for a few months and then started using his larger (and out of use) iPod (Adam, unlike the rest of the known world, has issues with Apple and iTunes and prefers to use Windows based media applications....)  So I got out my old iPod, mailed it into Apple, and they replaced it with a brand new 6th generation iPod.  I still have my Classic iPod (so old that it still has a clicker wheel) to listen to in the car and my new Nano to use when I run.  I love it, I just start the fitness section, tell it if I want to walk or run, select how many miles I want (or a time or amount of calories) and hit the start button.  It lets me pick a shuffle of songs or a specific mix of music and off I go!  When I'm done, it tells me how far I went, my time, and the mile splits.  Amazing.


  1. I love you. We just registered and Ian will also be receiving a new iPod nano!!! =)

    1. Oh awesome, I'm glad I could help someone else get a new iPod! :) It took about 6 weeks, but I didn't really notice since I wasn't even using my old iPod.