Friday, February 17, 2012

Another week has flown by

Time is certainly flying these days!  I could say that in every blog I post, but I guess I really felt it this week.  But with that said, I will now tell you about the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Yesterday, when I picked James up from daycare, Kippy's mom, Amy was there to pick him up also.  They were getting ready to leave and she said to Kip, "Say bye to everyone!"  Kippy ran over to James, gave him a big hug and huge kiss!  Amy reminded him to be gentle, since he can be a bit over zealous, but Kip didn't need any reminders.  They just gave each other the nicest hug.  I know I have told many stories about "Nippy Kippy" but he really is a sweet kid.  I almost welled up with tears at how cute that hug was.
Rhonda also told me about how protective James is of Baby Landon.  Usually Landon is picked up by his mom or dad, but on Wednesday, his grandma came.  Well, when she went to reach for his infant car seat, James wouldn't let her pick him up!  He didn't recognize her and stood there, holding onto the handles, not letting his buddy Landon go anywhere.  Rhonda said he eventually moved and obviously Baby Landon made his way out with grandma, but I really laughed at how protective James was.  I know one of these days he will make a great older brother!


  1. No older brother until you're 30...oh, wait...until you're 35.

    1. Dr. Lance would beg to differ with you, GrandBear.