Monday, February 27, 2012

He's a hiker!

Ready to go!
Yesterday we went hiking at the Jug Bay Natural Area in Upper Marlboro.  Its just north of the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary, where I spent many weekends with my family when we living on Andrews Air Force Base.  PG County is a mostly urban mess, but there are some areas, near the Patuxent River that are still nice and quiet.
So we set out with Adam's dad, John, and his Golden Retriever "puppy", Snow and did some hiking.  Although, I should have put myself in charge of the map immediately, as John had us walk 2 miles extra due to some poor navigating.  But we had a fun time and James was all over the place.  Once we were away from the roads, we let him out to run and he was so into it.  Adam held his hand for some of the hike, but most of the time he was very independent and really enjoyed himself.  For awhile, he wouldn't let go of one of the maps, so that was pretty cute.  He probably could have read it better than his Grandpa...  
As I was taking these photos of Adam and James, I couldn't help but think how much I love these two.  

Adam hikes in a full length wool coat and makes it look good
Off he goes!
Mac, James, Adam, Snow, and John


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