Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby jeans

Buying clothes for James has been interesting.  For awhile we were getting a lot of hand me downs from my nephew, who is 4 years older than James.  We would supplement the clothes we got with a few things here and there, but buying for little babies is pretty easy.  You get a few onesies, some footie sleep and play outfits and some socks, no big deal.  For the record, I have never bought James "jon jons" or jumpers, because I think they look like girl outfits, even if they are baby blue!  But now we are on the last of our hand me downs and have been buying James "big boy clothes".  I try to get things that all match, basic things like t shirts and sweats or jeans.  He wears polo shirts and has overall shorts for the summer, but mostly jeans and a long or short sleeved t-shirt gets it done.
James finally fits his 2T jeans - it took awhile because of his tiny short legs.  He is built like Adam, who is over 6 feet tall, but wears a 30 inseam.  Stubby little legs!  I went yesterday to order a few more pairs of jeans (and a Valentine's Day shirt, obviously) and found something hilarious on  They make different "cuts" of jeans!  We could pick from loose, regular, boot leg(!!!) or SKINNY jeans.  I thought this was absolutely hilarious, checked the jeans I'd bought some time ago, and ordered the regular ones.  If James has an opinion on the matter later, we can make a change, but I was cracking up at my options.


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