Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Working" at home

This is going to be an interesting week for our family.  I say interesting in the way that means "maybe a horrible mess that makes us want to scream and pull our hair out".  James' daycare is closed for the week.  His daycare provider, Rhonda, takes 2 weeks off in the summer (luckily not in a row).  We decided back in January when we found out her vacation dates, that we would also take a vacation during the second week that she is closed in August.  But for this week we had to arrange alternative child care. 
On Monday, we obviously had off for the 4th of July.  Yesterday, Adam worked from home.  By work from home I mean he stayed home and checked his work email and took a walk with Mac and James and went to Toys R Us. They had a fun day, but I think James kicked his daddy's butt yesterday.  James' schedule is pretty much destroyed already, as it tends to be when we don't send him to daycare.  And today, Wednesday, is my work from home day.  I am not sure how much I will get accomplished, but there is always afternoon nap time and all night after he goes to bed. 
We are so lucky and thankful that on Thursday and Friday James' Godmother (and my super awesome best friend), Jackie is able to watch him.  Jackie is a kindergarten teacher and we are taking full advantage!  James loves to hang out with Jackie, so I am sure they will have a fun time.  Jackie may decide against having children in the future, but hopefully James doesn't ruin her (although if that was going to happen, I guess a class of 30-some 5 year olds would do the trick before my cute, little, innocent James). Note the sarcasm in my previous statement... And if things get crazy, at least I only work 5 minutes from home.
So this morning I tried to put James back on schedule and let him take his early morning nap as usual.  Yesterday he was too excited to be hanging out with Dad to take his early morning nap until late morning, which of course pushed his mid afternoon nap to a late afternoon nap.  He went to bed with a bit of a fuss, but was up bright and early this morning!  Although, he's still sleeping now, so I think I will be waking him up soon!


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