Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby, you're a firework

Mom and James
Well it was a busy July 4th weekend for us. We had family cookouts on both Saturday and Monday. On Saturday we went to Lutherville to see the Gills and on Monday the Bednarczyks came to see us! It was very busy, but we seem to have made it through!
Also, on Monday, we got to meet James' new "Uncle" Snow.
Dad and James giving Mom the side eye
Snow is an 8 week old golden retriever that Adam's parents just got on Sunday! He is the cutest little pup, but James was not so sure about him. Snow was pretty excited to see James though, someone down on his level. We had to be extra careful and make sure that Snow didn't completely run James over. Being a puppy, he played with Mac (our 3 year old Sheltie) and then promptly took a nap. As both James and Snow get older, I'm sure they will have a lot more fun playing together.
Mac and Snow sniff it out
On top of all the July 4th festivities, my cousin Cerise had her first baby, a little girl named Charlotte Hope. They are calling her Charlie and I think that's the cutest nickname! Anyway, Cerise and her family (ok, most of my family too...) live on the West Coast, so hopefully one of these days we can have a reunion and get everyone together.

Better luck next year
My main goal of the weekend was to get a family shot of all of us in our matching Old Navy flag shirts. This goal was not really accomplished as James had a cupcake on Saturday and was too messy for a group shot and on Monday he was not feeling especially photogenic. But there were some very funny attempts at a group shot. As soon as the photos are on the computer I will post them. And I suppose there is always next year for my group flag tee picture.


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